being in a tense state
edgy, ↑highly strung, ↑jittery, ↑jumpy, ↑nervy, ↑overstrung, ↑restive, ↑uptight
Similar to: ↑tense
Derivationally related forms: ↑restiveness (for: ↑restive), ↑jumpiness (for: ↑jumpy), ↑jitteriness (for: ↑jittery), ↑edge (for: ↑edgy), ↑edginess (for: ↑edgy)

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\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ adjective
1. : being in a state of tense or extreme sensibility : highly sensitive or nervous

a high-strung person

dogs … are high-strung creatures — Joyce Cary

2. of an archery bow : having a distance greater than a fistmele between handle and bowstring

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/huy"strung"/, adj.
at great tension; highly excitable or nervous; edgy: high-strung nerves; a high-strung person.

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highˈ-strung adjective (esp N American)
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Main Entry:high

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high-strung «HY STRUHNG», adjective.
1. easily excited; very sensitive; very nervous: »

All the members of her family were high-strung artists.

2. strung to a high tension or pitch: »

a high-strung guitar.

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adj. nervous and easily upset

a high-strung racing thoroughbred

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/ˈhaıˈstrʌŋ/ adj [more \high-strung; most \high-strung]
chiefly US : very nervous or easily upset

stories of high-strung performers who place unreasonable demands on the people who work with them

Dogs of this breed are often high-strung. [=(chiefly Brit) highly strung]

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ˌhigh-ˈstrung [high-strung] (NAmE) (BrE ˌhighly ˈstrung) adjective
(of a person or an animal) nervous and easily upset
See also:highly strung  
These words all describe people who are easily frightened or are behaving in a frightened way.
nervous easily worried or frightened:

She was

of a nervous disposition


See also the entry for worried.
neurotic not behaving in a reasonable, calm way, because you are worried about sth:

She became neurotic about keeping the house clean.

on edge nervous or bad-tempered:

She was always on edge before an interview.

jittery (informal) anxious and nervous:

All this talk of job losses was making him jittery.

a nervous/neurotic man/woman/girl
to feel nervous/on edge/jittery
a bit nervous/on edge/jittery

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